Haunted Paintball Park Opens Oct 8 for the 2021 Season!  



Haunted Paintball Park at Xtreme Paintball Park is St. Louis’s ORIGINAL haunted paintball hayride!

When your number is up, you will join the other victims as you grab a paintball gun and jump on the Haunted Paintball Hayride. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for… been training for; now is the time to defend yourself against LIVE (dead?) zombies, ghouls, and various other dreadful monsters (without retaliation!) Once the ride is over, you still must make it down the Haunted Trail, where you will encounter all the creatures you thought existed only in your nightmares.

WE DO STILL SELL TICKETS AT THE DOOR — RIDES LEAVE EVERY TEN MINUTES BETWEEN 7p-10p.. come anytime!  It takes about 45min to get through the hayride & trail.. $25 per person gets you through both parts, includes your paintball gun and 200 paintballs.  Wait times are longer if you get your ticket at the door (.. this is techincally a “first come, first serve” event.. if you want a GUARANTEED ticket with a SHORTER wait.. buy your online tickets with the link above! 

Victims of all ages are invited to join the haunted paintball fun October 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29 and 30 from 7PM-10PM.

ALL PARTICIPANTS, REGARDLESS OF AGE, MUST HAVE A COMPLETED & SIGNED WAIVER TO PARTICIPATE. ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST HAVE THEIR WAIVER SIGNED BY THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN. The waiver is available on our website @ https://www.vantora.com/Paintball/xtrm/waiver/  No need to print, just fill it out on your smart phone or computer and hit submit!


General Admission:

$25, includes Haunted Paintball Hayride and Haunted Trail, rental gun and 200 paintballs.  BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE


How long does the attraction last?

The haunted hayride & trail (the main attraction) takes about 45 minutes to get through.  The hayride (where you shoot the zombies) lasts 10-15minutes, and the trail lasts about 25min.  

What precautions are you taking due to COVID-19?

Due to county restricitons, we are requiring unvaccinated guests to wear a n95 mask.  We are sanitizing the paintball guns in between rides, and hand sanitizer is available at multiple stations throughout the park!  The paintball guns are mounted to the battle trailers on a swivel mount, so we do not need to use paintball masks, which are always required when you play traditional paintball.. so the only rental item you will have contact with is the guns themselves!

What are wait times like?

This event is eight nights only, and while wait times obviously vary, there is almost always shorter/no wait times the first couple weekends, and Fridays are almost always slower than Saturdays.  So, if you are on a tight time schedule, try to come the first couple weekends!  If you are coming the last couple weekends where we sometimes see waits up to 2 hours (which you will experience at any haunted attraction in late October).. the good news is we do pride ourselves on not making people wait in line for forever — when you come out and get signed in, we give you a numbered wristband, and load the trailers all night long, announcing numbers over the PA system.  If you prepurchase your ticket online, you will have a SIGNIFICANTLY reduced wait time!  While you wait for your groups number to be called, we keep a bonfire going, have a projector over the lake, target range, cornhole, giant connect four, and sometimes even a bounce house or two!  We also have several pavilions and seating for hundreds of people.  So bring some Smores for the fire (or buy some snacks — we also have a concession stand) and enjoy all our park has to offer! 

Do you have group pricing/private rides?

So 2021 marks our TWELFTH year doing these haunted shenanigans.. and we are seriously underpriced compared to the dozens of these that have now popped up over the country.. because of this, we do not do group pricing, but are VERY used to keeping large groups of people together, so you guys can know you will all ride on the same trailer, and also go through the trail as a group, if you would like to!

What ages is this for?

Because no one is shooting back at you, this event really is fun for almost all ages.  We get lots of soroity/fraternity groups, date nights, kids birthdays, and everything in between.  If you have little kids with you who are too scared to do the haunted trail (basically the hayride is the fun part, the trail is the scary part) they can ride the trailer back up and skip the trail.. so generally we recommend 5+ for the hayride, and then leave it up to the parents to know how scared their kids would be of the haunted trail.  Our trail is not particularly bloody/gory, but is like an outdoor haunted house.. so its not for the faint of heart!  The paintball guns on the hayride are mounted to the trailer on a swivel mount, so even young kids can handle them pretty well.

Can we bring our own paintballs/paintball guns?

No.  All of our guns are semi-automatic, and for this event shoot special UV paintballs that glow under our huge UV floodlights!  They are mounted to the trailers on swivel mounts, so you have to use our equipment for this event.

Do you take reservations/presell tickets?

We now presell tickets on our website (see link above)!  2020 marks our ELEVENTH year of this event.. and we are very good at getting people through efficiently.  We are having to limit tickets this year — buy one online to guarantee you will have a spot, but we will still be selling tickets at the door.  

Do you do birthday parties?

We always hear that our attraction is severly underpriced, so we do not do birthday group discounts or packages.  However, every night we are open we have people do birthday parties out here!  Gates open @ 6pm .. you are welcome to come early and use picnic tables under one of the pavilions to do birthday cake, presents, food.. whatever you would like before the main attraction!  The members of your party will be kept together on the same wagon, and go through the trail together!  

What about bad weather?

We only stop the event if there is thunder/lightening or heavy rain.  Our staging area has lots of picnic tables & pavilions, so we customers can duck under cover if we get a quick rain.  We have only cancelled the event one night over the last ten years, check our facebook page for updates! 

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