Haunted Paintball Park

Haunted Paintball Park Now Open! Last Night is 10/24/15!!

Haunted Paintball Park at Xtreme Paintball Park is St. Louis's ORIGINAL haunted paintball hayride!

When your number is up, you will join 20-30 other victims as you grab a paintball gun and jump on the Haunted Paintball Hayride. This is the moment you've been waiting for... been training for; now is the time to defend yourself against LIVE (dead?) zombies, ghouls, and various other dreadful monsters (without retaliation!) Once the ride is over, you still must make it down the Haunted Trail, where you will encounter all the creatures you thought existed only in your nightmares.

Victims of all ages are invited to join the haunted paintball fun the first four Fridays and Saturdays in October, (WE ARE CLOSED HALLOWEEN WEEKEND) 7PM-10PM.

General Admission: $17, includes Haunted Paintball Hayride and Haunted Trail, rental gun and 100 paintballs.

Walk Through Zombie Hunt: $10, includes fully loaded pump action shotgun.

Combo/Gold Pass: $40, Includes General Admission plus 150 paintballs (50 extra), Walk Through Zombie Hunt, package and a cup of hot cocoa.


IN ADDITION to our Haunted Hayride and Trail, is our walk-through zombie hunt! This will put you closer to the action, with our new pump action paintball shotguns! This is on our brand new army themed field, and is located in the staging area, with bleachers set up so your friends can cheer you on!

All Participants in any Haunted Paintball Park activity must have a signed waiver to participate. If the Participant is younger than 18 years old, this waiver MUST be signed by the Parent/Guardian ONLY.

Please note: This is a seperate waiver from the regular Xtreme Paintball Park waiver and is required even if you have a paintball waiver on file.

Download Waiver Here